Business Growth Mentor,
Coach and Consultant.

I'm a Business Development Mentor and Coach providing solutions to increase sales and profit through strategy planning, creativity, motivation and training.

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You'll find us successful, highly energetic, extremely dedicated and committed.
We also have in-house graphic design for ads and brochures, digital photography, video production, web design and SEO all under one roof - this makes the process fast and economical!


In sport, the first thing a professional does is to seek out the best advice from a successful coach or guru to ensure they work at peak performance - business is no different!

Are you ready to take the next step towards real success?

More Leads

We understand how to get the most out of the latest technology to gain maximum sales and market penetration. The technology exists NOW! Let's talk about how we can help you be more successful and increase sales. Talk to the experts now!

More Sales

With more enquiries, motivation and sales training we can help you produce more profit and show you how to convert at high levels. After years of success in business we can show and teach you - If you are serious about an increase in sales we can help.

More profit

With a structured sales approach and the collateral to back up your presentation in terms of Website, Brochures and Branding, it is possible to achieve higher margins even in these difficult times! Utilising technology to produce more sales is cost effective.

" We are delighted with the commitment and dedication from Frank Deer. Since dealing with him on strategy and marketing, our company has expanded massively, he has given us the complete solution and we have developed a 5 year plan including the production of enquiries through to making us more effective in terms of sales and profit. "


" We are very happy with our new direction. Frank was highly motivational and helped us through his mentoring program how to get motivated but more importantly stay motivated. His patience is superb. We are extremely delighted with the new advancements in our company. Having a professional business coach makes all the difference.

" I have worked with Frank and I am always impressed with how dedicated his team is.

The job is always finished on time and any changes I want are done without hesitation.

I strongly recommend working with the company and hope to be doing business with them myself for a long time to come."

  Our Consultancy:

Business Mentor & Coach

So, you're looking for a business coach? Just as in Sport the best coaches are the ones who have already been successful. There's no point in taking advice from someone who hasnt made it! Let's talk, then you can decide who you want to listen to!


Motivation is key - It's easy to lose your motivation in business but with a fresh input of energy and enthusiasm having an outside view with new ideas and the skill to drive and guide you in the right direction makes all the difference.

Business Development  Coaching

With a complete analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in your business combined with an understanding of your competition we can develop a strategy for controlled growth, what's more, we'll be 'hands on' at implementation!

Marketing & Sales Consultancy

We look at everything related to your sales and marketing efforts and develop a strategy for success. We see it day in and day out, great companies with brillant products but a sales and marketing strategy that doesn’t match.

Sales Training

A clearly defined sales approach is critical for achieving higher conversions. Our motivation and communication sessions make a substantial difference. Your sales people will be empowered by our intensive approach learning how to read body language and NLP techniques.

Let's talk . . .

We have it all in-house so you save a fortune! A face to face chat is always the best way to find out if we can work together, give me a call on 07811 654321 and let's arrange a visit.

Our Marketing Agency:

Lead Production

Google is now a significant machine for producing enquiries. We can manage your Google efforts in both SEO and Pay Per Click campaigns to enable you to be more effective at creating interest for your product or service.

Design & Print

Graphic design, photography and copy writing in-house. With 40 years experience in brochure design and print, plus production facilities in Germany we can deliver the highest quality in traditional print at amazing prices.

Video Production

We have professional videography and music production in-house. Short videos are now very powerful for showcasing your services or products. By listening to our clients and finding out about your customers and competition we know how to get your message across. 

Logos & Branding

Image is everything, with strong branding all your sales and marketing efforts will be reinforced. It's the first and probably most important step.

Web Design and SEO

We combine spectacular design with advanced web technology creating stunning, practical, fast & functional websites.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you increase sales and profit?

Typical Case

Sample Case Study

We were approached by a client who wanted an increase in sales and profit.

Detailed analysis carried out to develop a business development strategy. After considerable research re-branding was essential enabling the company to focus on a specific segment of their target market.

A new brochure was commisioned including photography and copy writing plus a new website also featuring the 'new look' with meticulous attention to detail emphasising quality.

Work was then started to train the sales people in presenting their unique products in a professional manner.

Six months on and the company are now reaping the rewards of the 'new approach'.

We are now producing new enquiries weekly to enable a controlled expansion of the company.


What did we do...?








Business Development, Sales Motivation and Marketing Consultancy providing 'World Class' and powerful solutions, we're results driven . . . it's all about deliverables!

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We are totally committed to providing our clients with results focussed solutions by utilising the latest technology with tried and tested methods - it's all about deliverables!


Years developing successful sales and marketing business development strategies combined with creative branding, brochures, websites, sales motivation plus most importantly - lead generation with hands on implementation.


Dedicated to changing corporate culture with meticulous attention to detail. We love what we do and see ourselves as proven experts at turning good companies into great ones!